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The future is Linux

Linux Consulting

We provide Linux consulting services either SLA based or ad-hoc. Our 24x7 consulting may be carried out on-site or remotely depending on requirements.

Our team of consultants can install, configure and trouble-shoot any Linux distribution from enterprise distributions such as Suse, Ubuntu and Redhat to Linux appliances and embedded distributions such as openwrt.

Need help hardening a server, adopting devops practices or migrating to the cloud? We can assist.

Linux Training

Looking to skill up your staff or yourself in Linux? Our consultants, with years of field experience, also instruct our face-to-face training courses. Training can be done on-premise or off-site and can be customised to your unique requirements.

Ubuntu, Suse, Redhat whatever your preferences we can provide the advanced training you require.

DevOps and the cloud are powered by Linux servers. Make sure you have the skill required for the future

See our full list of Linux training courses for details.

Our Business Partners

Our Business Partners

About Us

About Us

Jumping Bean is an open source integration and training company that has been delivering solutions to customers for over 20 years.


Our services include:

Jumping Bean Services
  • SLA support
  • Adhoc support
  • Hardening
  • Solutions architecture
  • SLA based support
  • Implementation support
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Performance tuning
  • Advisory services
  • Implemenation support
  • Consulting
  • SLA support
  • Training
Big Data
  • Google & AWS Big Data support
  • Data flow architecture
  • Implementation support
  • Training
  • Advisory Services
  • SOC service
  • Security Audits & Reviews
  • Training
Software Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Enterprise Apps

Cloud Consulting

  • Migration
  • Cloud provider support
  • Work flow architecture
  • Automation
  • Big Data
  • Containerisation

Long-Term Partnerships

We build long relationships with our customers which helps us better  understand their needs and offer customised solutions and training to meet their business requirements.

Our clients include large and small businesses in South Africa and across the globe.  We offer both remote and on-site support.

Passion for Technology

We are passionate about open source and love living on the bleeding edge of technology innovation. Our customers lean our our practical experience with emerging technologies to ensure they get the benefits of early adopters and avoid the pitfalls.

Supported Linux Distrubutions

Whatever Linux you run we  support

and many more ...

Our Clients

Our Clients






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